Women's Rehabilitation Center (WOREC Nepal) Preventing the trafficking of women from a human rights perspective.


The concept of the community health program of WOREC is to provide essential health services to the marginalized 3and disadvantaged community in an acceptable and an affordable way. The community health clinics in Udayapur and Dang districts have been providing primitive, preventive (including counseling) and curative services at the grass root level. These clinics in coordination with district health offices provide primary health care to the communities that do not have an easy access to health care services. The community health clinics are 24-hour clinics and provide maternity services, family planning, counseling, immunization, RH morbidities (identifying fistula, RTIs, the degree of uterine prolapse and fitting ring pessary as appropriate or refer for surgical intervention in case of complicated cases), promoting medicinal herbs for minor infections and general check-up.

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