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26 nov

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WOREC launched Anbeshi during a ceremony at National Women Commission. Anbeshi is a yearbook IMG_3350published by compiling data of cases of violence against women from all over Nepal. WOREC has been publishing the book since past eight years. The book launch program was chaired by Ms. Jaya Luintel, Executive Board Member of WOREC. Mr. Anup Raj Sharma, Chairperson for National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and Ms. Manu Humagain, who were among the chief guests, jointly launched the book.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Sharma emphasized that women’s empowerment and issues of human rights should be raised right from the home. Both men and women should equally participate to eradicate violence against women and ensure women’s rights. Similarly, Ms. Humagain expressed that there is a need to move beyond the traditional practices that confines women and all the responsible bodies in the government should be sensitive towards women’s issuesIMG_6156 and take initiatives accordingly. Concluding the program, Ms. Luintel said that issues of violence against women should not be limited within home but should be brought to the mainstream.

In this year’s Anbeshi, WOREC has collected 1930 cases of violence against women and 598 cases have been collected through various national newspapers. Among these, the cases of domestic violence are reported to be highest, with 1343 (69.6%) of the total casesdocumented. Likewise, the data show that the cases of social violence are 269 (13.9%),rape and sexual violence are 96 (5.0%),rape and sexual violence, trafficking and attempt to trafficking75 (3.9%),and 24 murder cases(1.2%).

Discriminatory social norms and unequal power relation have fostered violence against women in our society. Without challenging and changing the patriarchal norms inherent in social and government institutions, it is very difficult to change the scene and make this place secure for women to live.

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