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A step toward economic independence

"It's all because I have learned the method of cultivation and organic farming."

Success across the board: Sita's patience and her belief in organic farming were foundations of her rise from subsistence farmer to commercial farmer.

Sita Nepal, a 45 years old woman from Chandheni, Kavre, owns 2 ropani of land.Her income has to stretch to feed seven family members including five children. She got married at early age of 17 and from the time of marriage, she is engaged in farming and vegetable cultivation with her husband.

Devastating earthquake of 25th April 2015 made her homeless and compel to live in a temporary settlement. Relief program from various organizations were conducted in her area, among them WOREC conducted a recovery and rehabilitation program to enable women from earthquake affected area to advocate their economic rights by creating sustainable livelihood mechanisms and strengthening existing skill of local community. Various activities and orientation programs regarding building up self-esteem were conducted. This influences in her daily lives and encourage her to participate in two days training of seasonal and off seasonal vegetable cultivation. Like most other farmers, Sita previously cultivated her fields using conventional methods with plenty of fertilizer and pesticides. This had consequences of soil on her fields was drained of nutrients. Vegetable cultivation is main source of her livelihood but the declining production and income was a cause of great worry for her.

Few days training made her lives change as she learned to make organic manure from local resources and modern techniques of cultivation. She was motivated when she received seeds after the training and got more energy to cultivate. She used learned techniques from training in her field. She initiated to harvest cucumber, chilly, bitter guard, pumpkin and tomato in her field to sell in local market. She was able to catch early market nearby Kunta (Local market place of Chandeni). Thus by the end of 5 month of cultivation, she was able to earn Rs. 1,50,000/-.She had never expected that she can earn 20,000 from same land." With success of vegetable farming and increased income now she is extending area of vegetable farming. Now her husband does not have to go for labor and he also started to assist her in farming. The increased income is invested into household expense and children education". Among the various productions, she said “I got more profit from the cucumber. After the earthquake, fortunately the source of water has been opened and now I do have excessively water for cultivation". Furthermore she added "I am very happy that my field and soil is becoming healthy through organic farming. Before the training I use to earn 20-30 thousand in a year and now I earned 20-30 thousand every month." She was thankful toward WOREC. She expressed "It's all just because I have learned the method of cultivation and organic farming". Sita is satisfied not only with her income but also with the improved soil fertility that she has devised an expansion plan. Further she was glad to secure the future of her children.

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