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Earning money is not everything but it really feels good when community people start to call me lady doctor”

Earning money is not everything but it really feels good when community people start to call me lady doctor” Gayatri Nepal (18 years), belongs to a very small village, Mandan Deupur of Kavre District. She lived in a family of five including her parents, a sister and a brother. She is the eldest child of her family and has completed her Intermediate level education. But, due to poor economic condition of her family, she is supporting her family in household chores and vegetable farming and has not been able to continue further education. Gayatri’s family’s only means of survival was her father’s income from his job as laborer and they have very little income from agriculture land.

The massive earthquake of April 25, 2015, damaged her house. She shared “ We are very lucky that during the earthquake, we were outside the house washing clothes, our brother was playing outside too. Our parents managed to come out of the house too. However, its really sad that we lost our home, which got totally damaged”. Since then her family is living in a temporary house settlement which was provided by an organization as relief support. At the same time, she also joined various orientation programs conducted by WOREC Nepal. She frequently came to Sneha Centre of WOREC participated in orientation programs on Gender Based Violence, women’s health, youth empowerment trainings and stress management training. She voluntarily supported in every activity conducted by WOREC. She said, “Because of WOREC I know a lot of things I was previously unaware of, I know my responsibilities, I love to participate in WOREC’s programs, it is always meaningful and encouraging. I keep track of and attend all the programs conducted by WOREC in kavre.” After a year, when of WOREC handed over the programs in Kavre, she had become empowered and confident enough to take a new role as a school teacher in a nearby village and is earning to support her brother’s and sister’s education.

Later when WOREC again introduced women empowerment through livestock skill development training in Kavre, she showed interest in the training as she was already engaged in livestock management activity in her home. Coming from the conservative society and fear that her society would question her, her mother did not support her request to join the training as the training required her to be away from home for 3 months. Nevertheless, her father allowed her and she finally joined the training.

Three months Community Livestock training covering theory and placticle classes, she learnt the primary livestock health management. In addition, it has encouraged her to serve her community as well as earn for self-sustainment. “While working for community in the village I am ususally called “lady doctor”. “Community is no more biased about an educated and trained girl providing required services and I feel content and satisfied to have been able to make the difference and that people from my community have realized the need and availability of vet services at door steps” she said. She had treated approximately 20-25 animals for the last five months and has earned Rs. 16000. From this income, she has started to sell primary care veterinary medicines from her home. Earning money is not everything but it really feels good being recognized by the community people for the services I provide.

She is happy that she is able to earn her living and has boosted confidence over the time and most importantly, she is supporting to pay monthly school fees for her sister and brother who are pursuing education 6 kms away from her house. She is living a very respectable life now. She has never been so happy, she is very thankful to WOREC team for showing her the path of life.
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