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Portable Improved Cooking Solution

Portable Improved Cooking Solution Rita Nepali (29years), is a single woman living with her two daughters since more than 10 years when her husband left her and married another woman. Since then, she is handling her home and her family solely by selling tea and coffee. She shared her pain, agony and hardship she had face when she used to cook food. She felt her lungs being filled with smokes and her daughters faced the same, leading to severe cough and difficulty in breathing at times.

After the earthquake, through Sneha Campaign, Rita came to know about WOREC. She had received dignity kit support too. When one of the WOREC staffs informally discussed about the new improved cooking stove (ICS) in her shop, she first came to know about the stove but thought it would be really costly and unaffordable. She however wanted the demonstration of the stove at her shop. Rita was very impressed with the stove, its utility and cost and requested to be installed at her shop the very next day. She became aware of the benefits of the stove and the difference from the traditional one. It took 10 days to get the standing style ICS ready to be used at her shop.

The scenario has changed, she is now a proud owner of portable improved cooking stove. According to her requirement, the stove is suitably fixed at one corner of her kitchen, which looks better in comparison to the traditional stove. The ICS uses 60% less firewood and provides accelerated cooking lessened by 50% time consumption, it’s easy to handle and produces less smoke. Rita says, “my life has totally changed and it’s become easier than before. I used to feel irritated to sit and stand many times only to cook food, I used to get frequent back pain, but now, I don’t face this kind of a problem.” After a month of construction ICS, Rita has expanded her services in her small kitchen-shop. With accelerated performance of stove, in addition to tea and coffee, she has started to provided lunch and dinner in her small kitchen-shop.

She expressed that the neighbors, customers and passersby are impressed enough to inquire about the neatness and cleanliness of their kitchen/shop and about her safe ICS and kitchen and about ways to get the ICS installed in their kitchen. Their requests make Rita happy. “I show them my ICS and inform them of its benefits and show them the information, education and communication materials I received from WOREC Nepal. After all, the more the traditional stoves are replaced with the ICS, the more we can contribute to conserve our ecology and environment and promote better health” In her view, ICS keep kitchens free of indoor air pollution and she advocates that people adopt ICS in their homes.
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