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WOREC at Morang

Flood triggered 5 death and 11000 houses been inundated in Morang District. More than 748 women including 131 pregnant and lactating women and 540 children had been identified as highly affected in the district. WOREC office and Safe house itself was submerged into the flood and damage in office appliances. FFS was established at the Biratnagar Metropolitan of Morang where 7 pregnant and lactating women got safe shelter. 9 lactating women were supported with dignity kits and 146 children were provided clothes, 68 baby below 3 years of age supported with baby kits.

Flood hits Villages named as Budikhap of Sundarharaicha, different wards of Biratnagar Metropolitan were inspected by the team where it was found that children had been mostly affected as they had no any schooling material. Similarly, there was the problem of drinking water.

JanapathTole, Buspark
Working area:
8 Municipality Belbari , Letang, Pathari, Sanischare, Rangli, Urlabari, Sundarharaicha, Ratuwamai, Sunbarsi 1, Biratnagar
4 Village Municipalities : Kerabari, DhanpalthanJahada, Kanepokhari
Contact Number: 021-470238
Hotline Number:1660-21-52000

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