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National Convergence of Women Survivors of Conflict

Kathmandu, Nov 6- 2017

A national network of conflict survivor “Sahaj” has been formed and this network issued 15 points declaration to address their issue of conflict violence. In the preparatory session of National Convergence, Sahaj has been formed in the leadership of Sonia Chaudhary from Kailali. The network issued 15 declaration and some major demands as follows

  1. Family of those killed mysteriously during the conflict haven’t received the death certificate yet due to which the family are unable to benefit the services of the government. So, these cases need quick investigation and need to be proved as dead so that family gets justice from the government,
  2. The children born out of rape and gang rape during the conflict period need to be provided with birth certificate or legal identity proving that they are citizen of Nepal.
  3. There has to be the provision of punishing the protector and motivator of the perpetrators so that political interference is weakened as well as impunity and criminalization ends.
  4. There has to be the provision of medical treatment for survivors of mental and physical torture during the conflict. Many of the sexual violence survivors have been tested HIV positive and many have developed mental and physical health hazards recently as a long term impact of conflict so the provision of free medical treatment along with documentation of such cases needs to be done.
  5. To ensure right to sustainable livelihood of the survivors of conflict, as per the need assessment of the survivors, provision of skill based trainings and opportunity of jobs should be created within their locality.
  6. Since woman herself is the sexual violence survivor and the witness so the government has to provide social security and legal justice to both of them.
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