Women's Rehabilitation Center (WOREC Nepal) Preventing the trafficking of women from a human rights perspective.

WOREC at shunsari

Sunsariwas also one of the most affected flood districts where 12 people were killed, more than 3000 houses were completely damaged and 15000 families were displaced by flood. 125 pregnant and lactating women were recognized and 13 of them were provided with safe shelter which is established at Duhabhi Metropolitan, 80 lactating women received dignity kits. Various supportive programs were conducted through FFS where 437 women including 108 adolescent girls got aware on the reproductive health, GBV and personal cleanliness and sanitation. 2 pregnant women who were affected from the psychosocial problem were provided with counseling service. Likewise, 105 houses of Koshi village municipality were supported with clothes and food materials.

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