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WOREC in Salyan

Sustainable Transformation of Agricultural Systems for Enhancing Livelihood Security of Subsistence Farmers in Salyan District

Partnering with community five traditional village in Salyan has been transformed into the Eco-village where women and girls are aware of their rights and are economically empowered to meet their daily needs. Similarly, the programme has played the vital role in advancing the knowledge and skill of women and other farmers in the commercial farming and has promoted the government policy of “One Village One Product” production. From the year 2016 itself, more than 600 members of farmers and women groups have benefitted. By series of activities larger number of farmers and over 35,000 community people from all five working areas has been greatly benefitted through the orientation and capacity building programmes. Communities have now the better understanding of the issues related to children, women’s rights, and women health and have realized the importance of women empowerment and decision making in subsistence forms of livelihood. Most of the children of the child care center have been admitted to school and women have been able to invest their time in income generation activities. 

The programme has enhanced household food security, strengthening the grass root organizational network and building the capacity of NGOs/CBOs. WOREC has been successful in organizing women and adolescent girls groups and facilitate the process of animation and empowerment of the member of women and adolescent girls group. Five women federation has been formed and registered in district administration office and has increased their membership to make women economically independent and self-reliance. Among the 11 indicators of the Eco-village, most of the indicators have been met and some of the indicators are in progress to meet. Since the project has been implemented, some of the achievements of the project has been highlighted below-

  • The concept of "One village one production" is getting popular. Five-pocket areas of fruits and cash crops in five VDCs have been developed; lemon, pomegranate, and turmeric in Tharmare, Mango and Pineapple in Majhkanda VDC, Cardamom and Walnut in Shivrath, Orange, Pomegranates, and lemon in Dhakadam VDC and Sichuan pepper and Orange in Kupendedaha VDC.
  • Through WOREC's facilitation, the issues of middle person (broker) have been resolved now farmers have a direct link to market and they are able to sell about 100-liter milk per day in Dhakadam VDC.
  • Thousands of women are receiving physical and mental health services from the women health counseling center which is helping to access and improve health especially sexual and reproductive health of women and girls. The center is also providing a space for women to share their problems, feeling and understand about their body autonomy and rights.
  • Eight Youth has started a small entrepreneurship on making the chair out of bamboo products, after attending training in Dhakadam VDC.
  • Women group in Tharmare municipality has started small entrepreneurship of spices especially turmeric powder.
  • Women are able to identify their social and economic issues for eg. Women group in Tharmare are planning to work against child marriage in this year like awareness program and street dramas.
  • Five Farmers groups of eco-villages are motivated and had started commercial farming. They were able to earn NRs.340, 000 from vegetable and 190,800 from seed production in Shivrath and Dhakadam VDCs.
  • From capacity building, training and awareness program and facilitating women and farmers to link with the government are able to receive livelihood and agricultural supports from different stakeholders.
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