Standing together!

29 Dec 2016

A 26-year-old JM had been facing various forms of violence from her own father from the age of 14. Whenever her father was drunk, he tried to abuse her sexually. JM managed to escape from her father many times. She was so frustrated from life, she wanted to kill herself.

After the catastrophic earthquake of April 25th, her life became even worse. Since their house was destroyed, they were forced to live under a common tent. She was scared. But her life changed when she first met WOREC’s staff working in her camp. She started visiting her and taking rest at multipurpose women centre established by WOREC in Kavre, one of the hardest hit districts. She attendedcounseling sessions and shared problems with the counselor. Now she feels empowered and happy by knowing that she can fight against injustice. With the help of WOREC team members, she could get rid of her abusive father and now has started to rebuild her life.