Portable Improved Cooking Solution

19 Dec 2017


Rita Nepali, 29, is a single women living with her two daughters. It’s been more than a decade since her husband left her and got married to another woman. Since then, she has been handling home and her daughters solely by selling tea and coffee. She shared her pain, agony and hardship she faced.
It was during Sneha Campaign, when Rita knew about WOREC. She even received the dignity kits. One day, one of the WOREC staffs came at her shop and got to know about improved cooking stove. At first, she thought it would unaffordable, but then, she explained to support her to demonstrate the ICS at her shop. Nepali was very pleased with it and requested to start the work right from the next day.
In the following days, she became aware regarding its benefits.
According to her experience, stove is suitably fixed at one corner of her kitchen is quite good in comparison with the traditional stoves as it helps in saving firewood by about 60% and accelerated cooking by about 50% with easy handling producing less smoke. For instance Rita says, “my life totally got changed and easier than befor., I felt really irritated to sit and stand many times only to cook food, but now, I don’t face these kind of problems.” After a month of construction of ICS, it’s also been used for commercial purpose preparing not only tea but also lunch and dinner. In her view, ICS keep kitchens free of indoor air pollution and she advocates that people adopt them persuasively.
“Earning money is not everything but it really feels good when community people call me lady doctor

Gayatri Nepal, age 18 years, belongs to a very small village, Mandan Deupur of Kavre District. She lived in a family of 5 members including her father and mother with sister brother. She is the elder child of family and completed her Intermediate level. Due to poor economic status instead of continuing higher studies, she supported her family in household chores and took care of vegetable farming that made a very little contribution to the family. Gayatri’s family only means of survival was her father’s income from his job as labor. Her house got destroyed in the devastating earthquake of 25th April, 2015. She shared “ We are very lucky , thank god, during earthquak, we mercifully outside the home, My mom and dad were out of the house while me and sister were washing the clothes near the house and my brother was playing with his friends.” Since then they all are living in a temporary settlement which was provided by an organization as relief support. Meanwhile, she also joined various programs conducted by WOREC Nepal. She went to Sneha Centre of WOREC and participated in orientation programs of Gender Based Violence, women’s health, Youth enhancement training and stress management training. She voluntarily support in every activity conducted by WOREC. She said, “It was because of WOREC, I know a lot of things and I realized our responsibility, I love to participate in WOREC’s programs, it was always meaningful and encouraging. I always said to sister to let me know any program that is going to be conduct in kavre.” Later she came to know about WOREC introducing program of women empowerment through livestock skill development. As she was already into livestock activities she got interested to undertake the training and work as Lady Livestock worker. But, unfortunately, her mother did not support her since the training required her to stay away from home for 3 months. Nevertheless, her father allowed her to go for training and she reached the training center. After taking 3 months Community Livestock training, theoretical classes and practical’s she learned the primary livestock health management. In addition, it encouraged her to serve her community, earn for self. “While working for community in the village I have been given the name of lady doctor” which fulfilled the reason behind my education and people have realized the need and availability of vet services at door steps” she said. She had treated approximately 20-25 animals for last five months and earned Rs.16000. From this income, she started to sell veterinarymedicinesfrom home too. She said, “My own skills and earning have built confidence in me. Most importantly I am paying monthly fee charges of my sister and brother who are pursuing education in school which is 6KM away from our house. Earning money is not everything but it really feels good when community people call me lady doctor”. She is living a very respectable life now. She had never been so happy. She is very thankful to WOREC team for showing her the path of cherished life which she always knew wouldcome to her one day.