Women Human Rights Defenders

First National Consultation on Women Human Rights Defenders

31 Mar 2006 Download

Inspired by the solidarity among all women activists of the world, the need to bring
forth the issue of WHRDs in the context of Nepal and as a follow up to international
consultation on WHRD held in Colombo in November 2005, WOREC held a national
consultation on women human rights defenders in Nepal on March 3-4, 2006. The
consultation was able to bring together grassroots women who although with similar
experience and commitment never had a chance to come together in such a forum.

The purpose of the national consultation was to bring together women human rights
defenders from all over Nepal in one platform where they could share and reflect
upon the experiences they face. The purpose was also to provide women defenders
a safe space where they could identify and name the abuses they face by state or non
state actors.
Since the consultation took place before the historical people’s movement, the political
context was that of an autocratic regime, hence the proceedings capture the sentiments
of the time period before the historical people’s movement.