Women's Rights

Unveiling Justice: Rape Survivors Speak out

25 May 2011 Download

Isis-WICCE and WOREC Nepal have over the past decades been at the frontline of giving voice and space to women in conflict and post conflict communities, using different strategies. Despite this activism, as elsewhere in the world, RAPE has continued to escalate depriving women the full enjoyment of their inherent rights, and participation in governance and decision making. Due to entrenched patriarchal and cultural norms, including lack of holistic functional and supportive legal frameworks, survivors of armed conflict have continued to live in silence with physical, psychological and emotional consequences. As stated by the Secretary General of the United Nations – Ban Ki- Moon, ‘Justice is central to the effort to help women become equal partners in decision making and development. Without Justice, women are disenfranchised, disempowered and denied their rightful place. But with sound legal and justice systems, women can flourish and contribute to the advancement of society as a whole, including by helping to improve those very same systems for future generations – daughters and sons alike’.

The report examines the context of conflict in Nepal and how it has perpetuated the different forms of violence. It further analyses the legal framework and response mechanisms, the barriers that women face in accessing justice. It concludes by providing proposals for reform that will enable women enjoy their rights and access justice. The report also calls for enhanced institutional support to ensure that not only victims get justice but it is extended to Women Human Rights Defenders, who have also continued to suffer due to the roles they undertake to fight for women’s rights. It calls for harmonized approach on all the fronts to ensure that justice mechanisms are women-friendly. Isis-WICCE and WOREC calls upon all stakeholders to implement the proposed reforms.

 It is in the spirit of sisterhood and by working collectively, to raise the Voices of Women, that Isis-WICCE and WOREC Nepal are proud to present the first ever comprehensive report on lack of justice for raped victims; in a report entitled “Unveiling Justice: Rape Survivors Speak out”.

In solidarity, we stand.