Making the difference

30 Dec 2016

I used to live with my husband and in-laws. Everything was fine until I gave birth to a baby girl. They cursed me for giving birth to a daughter and started to abuse me. They started treating me like an outsider. I couldn't live with them. So I went to my maternal home, with my daughter. Even there, it was not different. My brother used to come home drunk and abuse me verbally. His wife was also not happy with us, as they had an additional mouth to feed.

I had heard that wives can claim their share in husband's property, but I neither had citizenship card nor a marriage certificate to do so. I was depressed, and did not know where to start from. After meeting WOREC team members, my life changed. I started to feel that I am also a person with rights and dignity.

MaiyaSikarmi(name changed), Bhaktapur, is supported by WOREC team members. She received counseling and legal support from the organization. Now, she is prepared to follow legal procedures to demand her rights. She is ready to build her life, educate her daughter and become a part of the struggle for women's right and justice.