Responding to women's health need in community

18 Jun 2019

Devi Ghimire, 42, has provided health and psychosocial counseling to over 10,000 women and adolescent girls in Udyapur in past 15 years. She provides counseling to people from Udayapur and neighboring districts by listening to their problems related to daily life, violence, mental health, stress, household affairs, and sexual and reproductive health. 15 to 20 women visit her every Tuesday in the Women Health Resource and Counseling Centre (WHRCC).

Adolescent girls discuss their menstruation problems with her and she explains the usages of local herbs to them. She is a trusted person in her community to discuss women's problem including reproductive health issues like uterine prolapse, white discharge, pelvic inflammatory disease etc. She suggests conducting exercises and use of local herbs to solve women's health problems and refers to health institutions for those who require medical attention.

Although Chetansil Women Community Organization does not have funds to run the WHRCC now, Devi has voluntarily chosen to retain the counseling centre once a week.