Tulsa, a young change maker in Sindhuli

19 Jun 2019

Tulsa (19) was almost married at the age of 15. Her family fixed her marriage without her knowledge. She rejected the marriage proposal and fought with the family for a week before being able to convince her father. She provided a real example of the death of her friend who was married early, got pregnant and lost her life during pregnancy. She agreed on the condition put forward by her father that she would have to continue to study on her own if she did not get married. She shares she could fight for this decision because she was part of the group which discussed on harmful traditional practices and the rights of girls. Now her father mentions her daughter had taken the right decision despite family and social pressure.

She lives with her grandparents, mother, and father along with 3 sisters in Sindhuli. From her childhood, she questioned discrimination between son and daughters, domestic violence and the role of son and daughter.

She is a member of the adolescent girl's group raising awareness on harmful traditional practices. She is also part of an adolescent girl's group network supporting network to reach 500 members. She took lead in stopping 17 child marriage in her district with support from the network. Her economic condition is not well, although she continues the activism in favor of adolescent girls like her.Tulsa is at forefront when it comes to advocating young girl's rights

Her society sees her as a kind-hearted girl willing to serve her community, someone who responds to gender-based violence, advocates for girls and stops child marriage.