Women's Rights

Nepal CEDAW Shadow Report

28 Feb 2019

Nepal has been making legal and institutional improvements for the promotion of women’s rights, by establishing protection mechanisms such as National Human Rights Commission and National Women’s Commission. However, the status of Nepali women still remains vulnerable due to weak enforcement of laws, policies and plan of action, and poor performance of state mechanisms. It is partly happening due to lack of infrastructure, resources and responsible governance, but mostly because of state’s unwillingness to invest enough resources for the protection of women and their rights. 
The Gender Inequality Index of the 2015 UNDP indicates that the inequality between men and women achievements are known as reproductive health, empowerment and economic activity in which Nepal ranks in 115th position in global scenario in terms of Gender Inequality Index, 2015. Similarly, the Gender Development Indicator (GDI) shows that Nepal falls under the category of low human development ranking 145th position in the world with lowest GDI among South Asian countries. 
This alternate report (CEDAW Shadow report) is prepared in collaboration with more than 100 of NGOs/CBOs from all seven provinces of Nepal, in line with the government’s recent periodic report focusing on VAW, FMWs, WHRDs, online GBV and women’s health. This is a supplemental report to the consolidated alternative report of the CEDAW led by Forum for Women, Law and Development as part of collective efforts of Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Committee (HRTMCC).