Anbeshi 2015 status and dimensions of violence against women reality revealed

25 Nov 2015 Download

WOREC initiated “Anbeshi” Status and Dimensions of Violence against Women in Nepal, Reality Revealed as an annual publication since 2008. It is as an attempt to shed light on various forms of violence prevailing in Nepali society and its adverse effect on women and girls. By publicizing the results of VAW through Anbeshi, WOREC has contributed to create a paradigm shift in understanding violence against women. VAW was confined to silent sufferings some years ago,but gradually in these years, increasing ratio of reported VAW cases has been breaking the culture of silence. It has resulted in shiftingin social behavioural arena and has also contributed to enlargement of VAW as a public agenda. 
Giving continuation to the publication of Anbeshi, “Anbeshi 2015” is prepared on the basis of collected and documented cases of VAW from July 2014 to June 2015 by WOREC Nepal and Women’s Human Right Defenders (WHRDs).This year WOREC Nepal documented total 1,930 VAW cases from around the country, and the analysis of this book is exclusively based on those reported cases.