Reproductive tourism; issues and challenges in Nepal

31 Oct 2012 Download

On 2012 October 7th and 8th in Kathmandu Nepal, Women’s Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) held a workshop on the emergence of reproductive tourism in Nepal. The workshop was held in collaboration with the co‐founder and current Executive Director of Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS) operating out of the United States (US), and Sama Resource Group on Women and Health – an NGO working on women’s health issues in India. Currently, the prevalence of reproductive tourism in Nepal is unknown. The workshop was organized to bring together participants from various backgrounds to discuss their knowledge of, and experiences with, fertility related medical procedures in Nepal. Those working in the maternal health and fertility sectors, counsellors, social workers, public education specialists, nurses, and journalists attended the workshop. Overall, thirty female attendees representing both eastern and western districts of Nepal participated in the workshop. Approaches from the US and India were shared throughout the workshop, in order to allow Nepali participants to become familiar with the issues and strategies used in other contexts, and to determine how they may be relevant to Nepal.