National Consultation of Women Human Rights Defenders with UN Special Rapporteur

On 25 – 26 November, 2010, over 300 Human Rights Defenders including the activists working for women’s human rights, LGBT and marginalized communities  gathered in Kathmandu

Second National Women's Social Forum

15-16th March, 2011 Initially thought of in Brazil in 2001, where marginalized community took the leadership and make this a venue to express their voices, Social

National Campaign against RAPE

Recent nationwide increase in cases of rape has been a serious concern. The data from WOREC Nepal during the last three months reports (Baisakh to

National Women's Social Forum 2009

National Women's Social Forum for " A Federal Democratic Nepal based on Equality and Social Justice is Possible: We can bring this " International Women Worker's Day

Anti Dowry Campaign 2014

In Nepal as in many parts of Southeast Asia, the tradition of requiring a bride’s family to provide a dowry is illegal but its practice

Anti Dowry Campaign Launched in Siraha and Dhanusha

With the theme of "NO to Dowry" anti dowry campaign was launched in Siraha and Dhanusha, Nepal. WOREC together with different Human Right Organizations, Human

Campaign on violence against women alleging as witches: Closing

18th June 2012, KATHMANDU at Nepal tourism Board: Closing ceremony of 60 days campaign for witch allegation was held on 18th June to urge the

60 Days Campaign on Violence Against Women Alleging as Witches

In this globalised age where the world is progressing rapidly, women in Nepal are forced to tolerate inhumane act and have to loose their lives